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Online Learning Simplified

32EDU is a leading market intelligence firm

specializing in online higher education

and digital learning service providers. 

With more than 40 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive and actionable insights and data on the market to help clients understand how higher education and lifelong learning is evolving. From alternative market data to consumer sentiments to trend spotting and strategy consultation, we have the necessary capabilities to answer whatever questions you might have. Our areas of expertise are always growing, but we continue to provide next-generation insights about higher education, online program managers (OPMs), tech bootcamps, executive education, enterprise upskilling, and other technology service providers serving adult learners.

Areas of Expertise

Online Learning Simplified

As online higher education has taken hold globally, universities have sought help to design and deliver first-class online educational experiences. These companies partnering with universities are called online program managers (OPMs) and assist with both degree and non-degree credentials in a variety of partnership models.

Tech bootcamps are one of the emerging markets in upskilling. These companies work alongside, or in competition with, traditional higher education to deliver short, accelerated programs specifically focused on career outcomes. Often these programs are in highly technical or digital skills like computer programming, cyber security, and data science.


Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs for short, have drastically changed how higher education has thought about upskilling and credentialing. These freemium educational offerings have been a foundational building block for the new models of higher education.


Executive education programs were the initial foray into lifelong learning and alternative credentials for many universities. Now, these programs are an expected offering for almost any institution.

32EDU aims to stay on the cutting education of innovation in higher education technology and services. Accordingly, we're always evolving and adding new segments of coverage. Other topics of interest for us include AR/VR, continuing education, course sharing, international pathways, study abroad, and more!