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Strategic Planning

32EDU has the insight to understand the broad market trends and the data to see into the complexities of niche markets.

Programmatic Analysis

The professionals at 32EDU have helped hundreds of universities globally assess the demand for various credentials and programs.

Data and Research

32EDU provides customized data and research to meet specific institutional research needs.

Things are changing in higher education. What is your institution doing about it?

In recent years there has been a drastic shift towards online learning in higher education, a trend that was accelerated by the shift to emergency remote learning during the pandemic. Now, looking forward, man observers and the general public predict that the future of higher education is going to be hybrid, and online learning will be a core competency for institutions. Not only is there a decided shift towards online learning, but the demographic profile of students in the future is trending towards being drastically different than the demographic profile that institutions are accustomed to recruiting and serving. These new students, upskilling adults, have preferences that are quite different from traditional-age undergraduate and graduate students, with significantly higher demand for program flexibility. 

With these changes, institutions are left at an inflection point. Many institutions are looking to technology and service providers to assist them in rising to the occasion. 32EDU has been at the forefront of this interaction for years, and can help your institution navigate these changing time.


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