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The Online MBA Market

The Online MBA remains the leading program in a growing online higher education market. 

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32EDU has advised numerous education institutions and edtech companies in how to succeed in the online MBA market. Here's a sample of the kinds of insights 32EDU can provide your organization as you seek to optimize your online programs.

Market Indicators


Google searches for "online MBA" keywords in 2021


Potential number of online MBA students in the US


MBA completions in 2021

What's new with online MBAs?

The demand for online MBA programs has been steadily increasing in recent years, and the trend shows minimal signs of slowing down . With the pandemic forcing many to rethink their education and career paths, more people are turning to online MBA programs as a flexible and convenient way to enhance their business skills and knowledge.

​One of the biggest benefits of online MBA programs is the flexibility and convenience they offer (although online MBA students are more driven by financial factors and brand/quality signals). With online programs, students can complete their coursework from anywhere, at any time, and on their own schedule — furthermore, while online students have historically preferred to enroll at an institution fairly nearby, online MBA students indicate more openness to pursuing a program from an institution further away. This makes it possible for students who have demanding jobs or family obligations to pursue an advanced degree without sacrificing their current responsibilities. Additionally, online MBA programs are often more affordable than traditional in-person programs, which makes them a more accessible option for many people. Typical on-campus, two-year MBA programs costs just over $60,000 on average while online MBAs have an average cost of under $30,000.

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