The OPM Market Essentials Certificate

The first and only expert-designed course that equips you with all of the data and insights you could need about the online program management (OPM) market.

23 sections. $749.

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What You'll Learn

Market Sizes

How large is the OPM market? How large could it grow to be?

Industry Perception

What do key stakeholders think of OPMs?

Emerging Topics

What does the future hold for the OPM industry?

Financial Metrics

How do OPMs make money? How much have they raised?

Strategy Trends

What strategies are OPMs embracing? 

Investing and M&A Trends

How many OPMs have been acquired? How are they valued?

Programmatic Data

What programs do OPMs support? How is the mix changing?

Partnership Data

How many OPM partnerships have there been?

Additional Market Insights

And more!

Who is this course for?

Persons in leadership, business development, strategy, marketing, or operations positions in OPMs who want to deepen their industry expertise.

Persons employed at VC firms, PE firms, or other financial institutions who want to understand the OPM market.

University personnel who are seeking to understand how OPMs are operating and what that says about the broader market.

Analysts and experts at research and consulting firms looking to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the OPM market. 

Anyone else interested in learning about online program management.

Complete the program and get your digital credential.
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