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32EDU Data

32EDU is one of the only sources of alternative market data on the higher edtech services industry. For years, our data has been trusted by the majority of the world's leading providers in the space. Our hand-curated data gives you a rare level of access to the industry. Our data is "living data" meaning that it is being updated and revised every day, ensuring the information is as accurate as possible.


Types of Data

Alternative Data

32EDU tracks time-series data on partnership activity between universities and their etdtech services partners.

Financial Data

32EDU tracks M&A activity, funding events, financial performance, and valuation data.


32EDU has a number of other data projects including competitive data, and consumer preferences.

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Data Processing

The Global Leaders in Higher EdTech Services Data

We've always been a data-first company. 32EDU came into existence to first

meet the need of the lack of syndicated data around OPM providers. We developed

a unique, intensive methodology employing website metadata to aggregate the

most comprehensive data the market has ever seen. Historically, data aggregators

in the space were subject to the limitations of online partners listings, press releases, and insider information to track what was happening. Our expertly curated data is not subject to those same constraints. And with years of experience collecting and maintaining this data, we've only gotten better. But that hasn't been the only benefit. The process of manually maintaining this database and spending time with our own hands on the keyboard has given us an unprecedented level of insight into the industry.

But we didn't stop there. We realized that while there is a good amount of alternative data available for legacy educational technology companies, many of the specific questions about specific segments were going unanswered. That's when we expanded to new tangential segments including international pathways and tech bootcamps, both of which intersect with the OPM industry. And we're not done yet. Some underserved areas that we've identified and begun targeting with data collection efforts include AR/VR systems, course sharing platforms and networks, experiential learning providers, continuing education providers, executive education providers, and "challenger universities".

We also realized that alternative data isn't the only data that matters, and began aggregating market-leading financial metrics around performance, valuations, funding, and M&A activity to give the most robust view of these markets as possible. All of this is then layered with categorization data to give even more insight into how these industries are changing.

Contact us today to learn about what data we already have put together or to see how we can provide data to speak to your unanswered questions.